MODSIM World 2019 Best Paper
Title Authors
Simulation Based Training’s Incorporation of Machine Learning

Dr. Ivar Oswalt and Dr. Tim Cooley

Analytics and Decision-Making
Title Authors
Using AI and Natural Language Generation to Automate Pharmaceutical Clinical Study Reports Mr. Jeff McCrindle
Tabu Search for a Mixed Strength Sensor Location Problem Dr. Rex Kincaid and Dr. Robin Givens
Homeland Security and Emergency Management Grant Allocation Multiobjective Benefit-Cost Methodology Ms. Kaleen Lawsure and Mr. Barry Ezell
Word Has It: Text Analytics for Topic Modeling of MODSIM Track Papers Mr. Jay Gendron and Mr. Gage Morgan
"Predicting the Unpredictable" Make Crucial Decisions in Real Time Mr. Nissim Titan and Mr. Morgan Brooke
Understanding the Prevalence of Bidirectional Architecture in Language Models Mr. Ryan Baxley
Population Disease Occurrence Models Using Evolutionary Computation Dr. Olaf Dammann, Dr. Anselm Blumer, Dr. Jacob Barhak, and Dr. Aaron Garett
An Agent-Based Model Approach to Understanding Complexity in International Relations Mr. Lowell Wilson
Defining Decision Types in a Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Simulation Dr. Daniel Barber, Dr. Martin Goodwin, Mr. Scott Harris, and Dr. Irwin Hudson
Feature Engineering and Ensemble Machine Learning in the Navy Reserve: Using Holistic Behavioral Profiles to Predict Mobilization Cancellation Dr. Robert Milletich, Mr. Andrew Turscak, Mr. Daniel Miller, Mr. Mark Moreno, Mr. Eric White, LCDR Robert Green, and Mrs. Shirley Bergstrom
Avoiding Big Data Overload in an Adaptive Training Use Case Dr. Brent Fegley, Dr. Alan Carlin, Dr. Remco Chang, Dr. Mitchell Tindall, Dr. John Killilea, Ms. Beth Wheeler Atkinson
Leveraging IIoT for Machine Self-Healing While the Pool of Experienced Maintenance Mechanics Slowly Evaporates Mr. Frederick "Chris" Lang
Quantum Computing: Evaluating Potential Quantification of Projective Psychological Test Scoring CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret), Mr. Sanad Rizvi, Mr. Kenneth Shaw, and Dr. Mark Davis
Manufacturing System Modeling & Workers’ Behavioral Modeling Using Agent-Based Simulation Approach Dr. Mustafa Dinç
The Application of Data Farming to Hybrid Warfare Scenarios for Wargaming Dr. Gary Horne and Dr. Wayne Stilwell
Regional Collaboration for Economic Growth 'Maximizing Hampton Roads Business Assets' Mr. Dan Bell, Mr. Richard Severinghaus, and Mr. Devin Markovits
PULSEbox: A High Fidelity, Integrated, GFI-Based Threat Scene Generator Mr. Peter Grossman and Mr. Julien Pierru
Creating a Network Digital Twin using Full-Fidelity Virtual Hardware Dr. Deepinder Sidhu and COL Charles Burdick, USA (Ret)
Cross Reality (XR)
Title Authors
Photogrammetry for 3D Content Development in Serious Games and Simulations   Mr. Joel Ryan
A Mixed Reality Platform for Enhanced Military Training Mr. Craig Clark
XR: Enabling training mode in the human brain Mr. Sébastien Lozé and Dr. Philippe Lépinard
The Past, Present and Future of XR for Space Exploration Mr. John Williamson
Augmented Reality for Training and Operational Support Solutions   Mr. Nathan Hatfield, Ms. Christina Padron, Dr. Anna Skinner, Dr. Cali Fidopiastis, Dr. Kay Stanney
Science and Engineering
Title Authors
Integration of Technological Changes into Long-term Planning: Agent-Based Modeling Approach Mr. Miguel Toro Jarrin and Dr. Andrew Collins
A Reusable Simulation Environment for Digital Engineering Mr. George Gilman
Human Subjects Experiment Data Collection for Validating an Agent-based Model Mr. Mustafa Saoyleh, Dr. Andrew Collins, and Dr. Pilar Pazos
Simulation for the Common Man: How do We Make M&S Accessible? Mr. Ying Thaviphoke and Dr. Andrew Collins
Integrating Virtual and Augmented Reality Based Testing into the Development of Autonomous Vehicles Dr. James Leathrum, Mr. Thomas Laverghetta, and Mr. Nathan Gonda
Explorative Visualization of Volume Flow Data via Slice Textures Mr. Ahmet Saglam and Dr. Zhanping Liu
Monte Carlo Simulation of Hedonic Games Dr. Andrew Collins, Ms. Tyann Thomas, and Ms. Gayanne Grigoryan
Objective Metrics for Evaluating Flight Training Simulators Mr. Ahmad Momani and Mr. Frank Cardullo
Making the Case for Cross-industry/Cross-disciplinary MS&V Collaboration 'Cooperation for Mutual Benefit' Mr. Richard Severinghaus, Mr. Bob Armstrong, and Mr. Devin Markovits
Training and Education
Title Authors
Using fNIRS to Measure Emotions in Simulation Training Ms. Nina Rothstein and Dr. Marlon Gieser
Improved Workforce Development Initiatives Using Augmented Reality Technology Ms. Mia Joe
Considerations for Training Evaluations of Emerging Technologies Dr. Julian Abich, Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Mr. Morgan Eudy, and Dr. John Killilea
Enabling Enactive Learning to Implement Modeling, Simulation and Training Technologies Mr. Nick Armendariz
Enhancements for Homeschooling and ADL: Virtual Humans, Technologies and Insights CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret), Ms. Nancy Young, and Dr. Mark Davis
Pedagogical Tools to Enhance Analytic Skills: Interactive Virtual Tutorial Environments CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret), Ms. Christi Phelps, and Dr. Frederica Stassi
New Paradigms Call for New Evaluation Methods: Moving Beyond Kirkpatrick Ms. Lara Bove and Dr. Anne Little
Simulation Based Training’s Incorporation of Machine Learning Dr. Ivar Oswalt and Dr. Tim Cooley
Advancing Telemedicine through Medical Simulation in Emergency Medicine Dr. Jessica Schoen, Dr. Christopher Russi, and Dr. Torrey Laack
Monitoring Engagement and Motivation Across Learning Environments Dr. Benjamin Bell, Ms. Elaine Kelsey, and Dr. Benjamin Nye
Democratization of Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Content Creation Through a VR Authoring Tool: The Evolution of Training Dr. Matthew Bramlet, Dr. Teresa Riech, and Mr. Paul Pribaz
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