Analytics and Decision Making
Title Authors
A Hybrid Metaheuristic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Runway Scheduling Problem in Simulation-based Optimization Dr. Bulent Soykan and Professor Ghaith Rabadi
Animal Disease Spread Modeling for Epidemiological and Economics Ms. Melissa Schoenbaum, Dr. Kelly Patyk, Dr. Amy Delgado, and Dr. Columb Rigney
Data Analytics: Techniques and Applications to Transform Army Learning Mr. Rodney Long, Mr. Michael Smith, Dr. Sue Dass, Mr. Clarence Dillon, and Ms. Kate Hill
Data Farming and Quantitative Analysis of Cyber Defense Technologies and Measures Dr. Gary Horne and Dr. Santiago Balestrini
Improve Test Results by Piloting: How to Simulate Field Data in the Lab Mr. Jay Gendron, Ms. Tammy Crane, and Mr. Gerrod Seifert
Mahalanobis Taguchi System for Pattern Recognition Prediction and Optimization Mr. Steven Holcomb
Modeling and Simulation of an Integrated Gate Turnaround Management Concept Mr. William Chung, Mr. Doug Ahlquist, Ms. Carla Ingram, Mr. Girish Chachad, and Mr. Spencer Monheim
Optimizing Model Combinations Dr. Jacob Barhak, Mr. Aaron Garrett, and Mr. W. Andrew Pruett
Representation, Selection, and Scheduling of Training in a Lifelong Learning Context Dr. Alan Carlin, Dr. Danielle Ward, and Dr. Jared Freeman
Utilization Data is needed to Reduce Training Device Costs Ms. Julie Kent
Science and Engineering
Title Authors
A Human-Centered Approach to Modeling Security Information and its Impact on Cargo Operations   Ms. Melissa Braxton, Ms. Maura Rowell, Dr. Keith Butler, and Dr. Mark Haselkorn
An Adaptive Planning Tool for Ship Construction and Material Logistics Mr. Kenyth Campbell
Cellular Dynamics During Epicutaneous Immunotherapy Using Agent Based Modeling Mr. Andrew Hinton
Electrolyte Concentration Dependence of Ion Transport through Nanochannels   Mr. Murat Bakirci and Mr. Yunus Erkaya
Framework for ADAPT Simulated Testing Mr. Ryan Condotta, Mr. Erik Jensen, Mr. Richard Garren, Mr. Tyler Alston, Mr. Michael Bonds, Mr. Reginald Hayes, Mr. Jerold Register, Mr. Darren Rose, Mr. Paul Smith, Mr. Spencer Smith, Mr. Andrew Sylvia, Mr. Brandon Waddell
Modeling and Simulation Tools for Heavy Lift Airships Mr. Ron Hochstetler, Mr. Girish Chachad, Mr. Gordon Hardy, Mr. Matthew Blanken, and Dr. John Melton
Physics Engine Benchmarking in Three-Dimensional Virtual World Simulation Dr. Sean Mondesire, Dr. Douglas Maxwell, Dr. Jonathan Stevens, Mr. Steven Zielinski, and Dr. Glenn Martin
Supporting Ship Overhaul with Customized Discrete Event Simulation Mr. W. Russell Shaffer and Ms. Karina Lilliston
Thoracostomy Simulations: A Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of Human Pleura vs Synthetic Training Pleura Mr. Jack Norfleet, Mr. Mark Mazzeo, Mr. Luis Morales Tenorio, Mr. Kurtis Palata, Dr. Victor Barocas, and Dr. Robert Sweet
TraceLogic: Rule Extraction and Visualization from Data Traces Dr. Paul Mario Koola, Dr. Satheesh Ramachandran, and Mr. Kalyan Vadakkeveedu
Training and Education
Title Authors
A Case Study on Developing Simulation-Based Training for Client Assessment Interviewing in Social Work Mr. Ryan Hill, Ms. Alexia Mandeville, and Dr. Brian Goldiez
A Metaphor for Immersive Environments: Learning Experience Design Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Elaine Raybourn
Bold Quest 15.2: A Case Study in Establishing Multinational Simulator Interoperability Mr. Kevin Seavey, Ms. Emilie Reitz, Major William Gorham, Mr. Dan Whelan, Capitaine Pierre “Leo” Lagrange, and Mr. Hervé Biran
Building an Efficient e-Learning Team Ms. Dena Trammell and Ms. Alysson Hursey
Development and Evaluation of a High Fidelity Anatomical Model for the Humeral Head Intraosseous (IO) Procedure Dr. Teresita Sotomayor, Ms. Angela Alban, and Mr. Edward Stadler
Evaluating Adaptive Training for Teams using the Experience API Mr. Rodney Long, Ms. Ashley Medford, Mr. Gabriel Diaz, Ms. Jennifer Murphy, Mr. Chad Ruprecht, Ms. Tara Kilcullen, and Mr. Robert Harvey Jr.
High-Fidelity Training on Demand via the Cloud Ms. Lisa Bair, Mr. John Fairchild, and Mr. Stephen Elkins
Next Generation Venipuncture and Phlebotomy High Fidelity Training System Dr. Teresita Sotomayor, Ms. Angela Alban, and Mr. Juan Vela
Semantic and Episodic Learning to Integrate Diverse Opportunities for Life-Long Learning Dr. Jeremiah T. Folsom-Kovarik, Dr. Randolph M. Jones, and Dr. Dylan D. Schmorrow
Tailored Cybersecurity training in LVC environments Dr. Denise Nicholson, Ms. Lauren Massey, Mr. Eric Ortiz, and Mr. Ryan O’Grady
Using an Analytical Approach to Understand Integrated Training Environment Utility LTC Glenn Hodges, USA
Visualization and Gamification
Title Authors
A Game-based ModSim Environment with Implementation to Examine Task-Unrelated Thought While Driving Dr. Kevin Hulme, Dr. Panagiotis Ch. Anastasopoulos, Mr. Thomas Androutselis, and Mr. Ugur Eker
Landstown High School Governors STEM Academy Modeling and Simulation Pathway Dr. James Barger, Ms. Jennifer Mattice, and Ms. Lisette Diehl
Mobile Application for The Basic School: Reinforcing Land Navigation Outside the Classroom Captain Carl “Marshall” Tucker, USMC
Targeted Fidelity: Cutting Cost by Increasing Focus Mr. Trey Morabito
The Battle of Isandlwana Mr. Clinton Reilly
Training Effectiveness Evaluation of Lightweight Game-based Constructive Simulation Mr. Dean Reed, Dr. Jonathan Stevens, Ms. Latika Eifert, Dr. Stephen Serge, and Dr. Sean Mondesire
Visualizing Big Data: How to Tell a Better Story Dr. Candace Eshelman-Haynes, Mr. Jay Gendron, Ms. Sanci Hall, andMr. Brian Hall
Workload Analysis of Virtual World Simulation for Military Training Mr. Dean Reed, Dr. Jonathan Stevens, Dr. Crystal Maraj, Mrs. Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Dr. Sean Mondesire, and Dr. Douglas Maxwell


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