Analytics and Decision-Making
Title Authors
Practical Human-Systems Integration Methods for Medical Simulation Lifecycle Costing Dr. Patricia Bockelman, Ms. Danielle Julian, Ms. Margaret Nolan, and Dr. Teresita Sotomayor
Evidence Based Decision Making: Techniques for Adding Rigor to Decision Support Processes in Complex Organizations Dr. Chris Hase, Dr. Rafael Matos, and Mr. Don Styer
Population Generation from Statistics Using Genetic Algorithms with MIST + INSPYRED Dr. Jacob Barhak and Mr. Aaron Garrett
Discrete Event Simulation for Supporting Production Planning and Scheduling Decision in Job Shop Facilities Mr. Ashton Allen, Mr. Jesse Caldwell, Mr. Christopher Heard, Mr. Ioannis Sakiotis, and Mr. Daniel Tillinghast
Massed Exposure Improves Response Time for Detection of Nervous Human Behaviors in Robot-Aided ISR Missions Dr. Stephanie J. Lackey, Dr. Lauren E. Reinerman-Jones, and Ms. Julie N. Salcedo
2013 Virginia Homeland Security Portfolio Value Model Dr. Barry Ezell and Ms. Kaleen Lawsure
The Assisted Experimental Designer: A Decision Support System to Optimize Modeling and Simulation Experiment Design Mr. Sylvain Brun, Dr. Danielle Dumondi, Dr. Andres Ortiz, Mr. Kenyon Riddle, and Mr. James Saffold
An Adaptive Planning Tool For Air Craft Carrier Specialized Tank Inspection And Overhaul Mr. Nick Drucker and Mr. Jeremy Hancock
Equal but Different: 5 Research Strategies for Improving Conclusions Drawn from Novice Populations Dr. Stephanie J. Lackey, Dr. Lauren E. Reinerman-Jones, and Ms. Julie N. Salcedo
Resilience: Modeling for Conditions of Uncertainty and Change Mr. Patrick Delaney, Dr. Timothy Hope, and COL (Ret) Paul Roege
Title Authors
Enhancing Joint Training through Blended Learning-Training: Simulation, Mission Command, and a Learning Continuum Dr. Patricia Bockelman, Dr. David T. Fautua, Ms. Danielle Julian, Ms. Emilie A. Reitz, and Dr. Sae Schatz
The Quest for Knowledge: How MOOCs Provide Insights for Innovation in Modeling and Simulation Mr. Mark Friedman and Lt Col (ret) Jay Gendron
Game-oriented Technology and Simulation to re-design Driver Training and Education using Backward Design Mr. Greg Fabiano, Ms. Kitty Gelberg, Ms. Leah Hines, Mr. Kevin Hulme, and Ms. Elizabeth Rees
On Developing a Taxonomy of Perceptual–Cognitive Skills for Use in Military Training Dr. Ami Bolton, Mr. Gian Colombo, Ms. Clarissa Graffeo, and Dr. Sae Schatz
Source Selection Process Improvement and Workforce Education/Training Concept Ms. Ginger Rosacia, Mr. William Samper, and Mr. Armando J. Sanchez
Behavior Authoring and Run-time Management of Computer Agents for a Virtual Operating Room Training Environment Mr. Menion Croll, Mr. Hector Garcia, Ms. Rebecca Kennedy, Dr. Yiannis Papelis, and Dr. Mark W. Scerbo
Entertainment, Sports, Media, & Visualization
Title Authors
Exploring the "Whys" of Simulation Visualization Ms. D'an Knowles Ball, Dr. Andrew J. Collins, and Dr. Julia Romberger
AIMSTM Computational Challenges - Computational Challenges to using Gaming technology for Accurate Measurements of Clinical Procedures Mr. Benjamin Cawrse and Mr. Eric Wilkinson
Point-based Methods for Medical Modeling and Simulation Mr. Rifat Aras, Dr. Michel Audette, and Dr. Yuzhong Shen
Building a Framework to Support Platform Independent Visualization Ms. Tracey A. Lenuik and Mr. Samuel R. Murley
Science and Engineering
Title Authors
UAS-Systems Integration, Validation, and Diagnostics Simulation Capability Ms. Catherine W. Buttrill and Mr. Harry A. Verstynen
Developing a Manufacturing Simulation as a Deliverable Product Mr. Christopher Mook
A Pilot Study Investigating College Students Majoring in STEM: A System Dynamic Approach Ms. Yi-Ching Lin and Dr. Ginger S. Watson
Conversion Challenges of an Autonomous Maritime Platform: Using Military Technology to Improve Civilian Security Mr. Jesse Barboza, Mr. Vernon Hayden, Mr. Thomas Langhorne, and Mr. Tien Nahn
Research-Driven Recommendations for Implementing Biometric Cues in Virtual Environments Ms. Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Dr. Stephanie J. Lackey, and Mr. Eric Ortiz
Modeling and Simulation of Inertial Navigation Systems with Automated Interface Checking and Post-Processing Support Mr. Menion Croll, Mr. Jesse Caldwell, Mr. Robert Greer, Mr. William Labelle, Dr. James Leathrum, Jr., Dr. Roland Mielke, and Dr. Yiannis Papelis
Automated User Interface Generation for Dynamically Integrated Simulations in the SUMMIT Framework Mr. Zach Heath, Dr. Karim Mahrous, Mr. Jalal Mapar, Mr. Stephen Mueller, and Dr. Todd Plantenga
Developing an Ultrasonography Simulator Training Tool: From Platform to Interface to Graphics Dr. Catherine M. Banks, Mr. Hector M. Garcia, Mr. William T. Richards, and Dr. John A. Sokolowski
Adaptive Attacker Strategy Development Against Moving Target Cyber Defenses Dr. Kevin M. Carter, Dr. William W. Streilein, Dr. Neal Wagner, and Dr. Michael L. Winterrose
Title Authors
Utilizing Real Test Sets on Maintenance Training Devices Mr. Thomas Andrew Ferrell
Developing Game-Based training for the Military: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Clint Bowers, Dr. Janis A. Cannon-Bowers, and Dr. Bill Rebarick
What's Trending in NATO Commercial Technologies and Games: Ten Years of Work and What We See Mr. Wayne Buck, Dr. Johnny J. Garcia, and Lt Col (ret) Jay Gendron
Implementation of the ARC-231 Simulation to Support Multiple Training Types Mr. Andy Ferrell and Mr. Jimmy Moore
Measuring Visual Modalities' Effect on Expert Performance in Mixed Reality Aerial Door Gunnery Dr. Peter Kincaid and LTC Jonathan Stevens
Integration and application of the natural environment within the OpenEaagles simulation framework Mr. John J. Holdzkom, Mr. Steven J. Lowe, and Dr. Karl D. Pfeiffer
Reflecting on Cognitive Process Models to Enhance Adaptive Training Mr. Dan Allison, Dr. Todd W. Griffith, and Ms. Mandira Hegde
Developing Blended Technology Systems to Support Air Force Medical Modeling and Simulation Training Mr. Greg Gardner, Ms. Faith Powers, Mr. Micheal Raines, and Ms. Lauren E. Tindall
Large Scale Complex Simulation Planning Ms. Julie Kent and Mr. Rick Stikkers
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