Analytics and Decision Making
Title Authors
A General Purpose Geospatial Encounter Prediction Model for Border Security Dr. Allen Harvey, Mr. Damian Kolbay, Mr. Jesse Coleman and Ms. Jessica McNutt
An Adaptive Planning Tool for Ship Construction Warehouse Capacities Mr. Nick Drucker and Mr. Kenyth Campbell
Evaluation of Submarine`s Tactical Operations Using Heterogeneous Models Mr. Kyoungwoon Bang and Mr. Wooyoung Choi
Foreign Fishing Vessel (FFV) Impact Analysis LT Elizabeth Denicola, USCG and LCDR Blair Sweigart, USCG
Fundamental Building Blocks for Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction in Emergency Evacuations Ms. Terra Elzie, Ms. Erika Frydenlund, Dr. Andrew Collins and Dr. R. Michael Robinson
Natural Language Processing: A Model to Predict a Sequence of Words Mr. Gerald (Jay) Gendron
Object Oriented Population Generation Dr. Jacob Barhak
Terrisk: Battling Uncertainty in Bioterrorism Models Dr. Ross Gore and Dr. Barry Ezell
Tradecraft & Analysis Learning using Intelligence Scenarios with Methods-Anchoring (TALISMAN) Dr. Benjamin Bell and Mr. Michael Marks
Web Enabled Selection Method for Key Performance Indicators for Manufacturing Ms. Kaleen Lawsure, Dr. Barry Ezell, Mr. John Horst, Dr. Andrew Collins and Dr. Patrick Hester
Cyber Security
Title Authors
Mixed Reality: The New Reality in DoD Decision Making Ms. Tracy Lenuik, Mr. Luis E. Velazquez, Mr. Samuel R. Murley, Mr. Nathan Greiner and Mr. Rodger Willis
Training for the Combined Cyber / Kinetic Battlefield Mr. Lloyd Wihl
Science and Engineering
Title Authors
An Agile Roadmap for Live Virtual Constructive-Integrating Training Architecture (LVC-ITA): A Case Study Using A Component Based Integrated Simulation Engine (AddSIM) Mr. Tae Woong Park, Mr. Kiyoul Kim, Dr. Luis Rabelo and Dr. Gene Lee
An LVC Simulation Interoperability Measurement Framework   Mr. Kiyoul Kim, Mr. Tae Woong Park, Dr. Gene Lee and Dr. Luis Rabelo
Credibility of Modeling and Simulation via Triangulation Dr. Mariusz Balaban
Employing High Performance Computing to Realize a Cyber Quick-Reaction Training Environment   Mr. Brian Castello, Mr. John Tran, Mr. Douglas Hire, Mr. Robert Lucas and Mr. Ke-Thia Yao
Emulytics™ at Sandia National Laboratories Mr. Vincent Urias, Mr. Brian Van Leeuwen, Mr. Brian Wright and Mr. William Stout
Generating Large Deterministic Water Waves for Numerical Simulation   Dr. Laura K. Alford and Professor Kevin J. Maki
Ontological Support to Address the Multi-Dimensionality of Complex Systems Engineering Challenges Dr. Andreas Tolk, Mr. Joe Bricio and Mr. Matt Haase
Person-Centered Medical and Healthcare Studies   Dr. Ross Gore and Dr. Manasi Sheth-Chandra
Quantifying Performance between Tele-Operated and Supervised Autonomous Fire Control Mr. Benjamin Wheeler, Mr. Eugene Pursel and Dr. Jacyln Baron
Rediscover the Defense M&S Catalog   Mr. Hart Rutherford and Mr. Frank Mullen
Simulated Human Tissue Performance Mr. Jack Norfleet, Mr. Fluvio Lobo Fenoglietto and Mr. Mark Mazzeo
The Virtual Test Bed: Simulation for Reducing Software Development Testing   Mr. Tien Nhan, Mr. Vernon Hayden and Mr. Jesse Barboza
Training and Education
Title Authors
Augmenting Training of the Humeral Head Intraosseous (IO) Procedure with a High Fidelity Anatomical Model Ms. Angela Alban and Dr. Teresita Sotomayor
Developing Interoperable Data for Training Effectiveness Assessment in Army Marksmanship Training Dr. Jennifer Murphy, Mr. Michael Hruska, Mr. Gregory Goodwin and Mr. Charles Amburn
Everything I Ever Needed to Know About Simulation and Training I Learned from Ender’s Game Mr. William Pike, Mr. Mark Mazzeo and Dr. Sae Schatz
Higher Order mLearning: Critical Thinking in Mobile Learning Mr. Shawn McCann
Leveraging Virtualization Technology for Command and Control Systems Training Mr. Joseph Connery, Mr. Robert Callahan and Dr. Philip Brown
Mission Requirements Based Combat Flight Simulator Selection Mr. Adnan Aygündüz and Mr. Eyyüp Çelik
Modeling Proxemic Cues for Simulation-Based Training in Virtual Environments Ms. Crystal Maraj, Dr. Stephanie Lackey, Ms. Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Mr. Eric Ortiz and Mr. Irwin Hudson
Research and Development of Low-Cost, Point of Injury Medical Simulations Mr. Matthew Hackett, Mr. Jack Norfleet and Ms. Nadine Baez
The Impact of Training Context on Performance in Simulator-Based Aviation Training Dr. Daniel Walker
Transforming e-Learning into o-Learning: The Power of Organic Learning without the Bells and Whistles Dr. David Fautua and Dr. Sae Schatz
Visualization and Gamification
Title Authors
Analyzing Eye-Tracking Accuracy with and without Cursor Feedback for use in a Simulated Robotic Search Task Dr. Yiannis Papelis, Dr. Ginger Watson and Ms. Kathryn Catlett
Augmenting Part-Task Training Simulators with Games: Blended Learning for Combat Medics Mr. Thomas Santarelli and Dr. William Fitts  
Dynamically Coupled 3D Visualization and Real-Time Simulation as an Aid to Developing Mental Models of Sonar Dr. Jason E. Summers, Mr. Daniel T. Redmond and Dr. Charles F. Gaumond
Gamification and Visualization of Sensor Data Analysis in Research Buildings Mr. Jackson Stone, Mr. Jibonananda Sanyal, Mr. Charles Castello and Mr. Joshua New
Medical Virtual Integrated Training Environment (VITE) Ms. Karina Rusnak, Mr. Michael Lewis, Mr. Faisal Ashour, Mr. Jason Mellott and Mr. Matthew Conley
Migration of the Maritime Simulation Model 2.0 into a Force-on-Force Federated Simulation Architecture Mr. Michael Schneider, Mr. Allen Harvey and Mr. Nicholas Livas
Modeling Tools for Cultural Intelligence Development: A Cognitive Engineering Approach Mr. Thomas Santarelli, Dr. Michael Woodman, Mr. Andrew Rosoff, Dr. William Fitts and Ms. Jennifer Engimann
Seriously Mobile: Downloadable Content in Serious Games Mr. Trey Morabito
Virtual Environments: The “Prompt Jump” for the Next Generation Energy Workforce Dr. Mark Nesselrode
Visualization and Animation for Teaching Frank-Wolfe Transportation Network Equilibrium Mr. Zhi Li, Mr. Ivan Makohon, Dr. Masha Sosonkina, Dr. Yuzhong Shen and Dr. Duc T. Nguyen


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