Analytics and Decision-Making
Title Authors
Using Agent-Based Simulation to Accurately Model Human Processes Mr. Cameron Mineo, Mr. Andrew Golomb and Ms. Emily Kenul
Populating a Virtual Conversation Database: Community Data Collection and Analysis Dr. Mark Davis, CAPT Brian Morgan, USN (Ret), CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret), LCDR David Barnhill, USN and CAPT Daniel Burns, USN (Ret)
Use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to Extract Technical Competency Frameworks from Maintenance Task Analyses (MTA) Mr. Wayne Gafford, Mr. Fritz Ray and Ms. Jeanne Kitchens
Stochastic Optimization in Machine Learning Pipelines: Selecting Features and Hyperparameters Dr. Robert Milletich and Dr. Anthony Asmar
Creating Agent Based Models to Support Decision Making from Semi-Structured and Unstructured Data Mr. Joseph Stoffa
Santos®: A Unique Physics-Based Virtual Human Model Enabling Scientific Analysis and Prediction of Warfighter Behavior Dr. Rajan Bhatt, Mr. Travis Klopfenstein, Ms. Kim Farrell, Mr. Chris Murphy and Dr. Karim Abdel-Malek
Less, but Better: Optimizing Naval Manpower Efficiency Ms. Emily Frost, Ms. Audra Podany and Mr. Andrew Martin
Deep Synthesis and De-Identification of Large Data Sets: A Comparative Analysis Mr. Eric White, Mr. Justin Whitlock, Mr. Andrew Turscak, Mr. Paul Terwilliger, Mr. Daniel Miller and Mr. Mark Moreno
Addressing the Challenges of Data-Driven Analysis in Intuition-Driven Organizations Dr. Charles Day and Dr. Brian Armstrong
A ResNet Autoencoder Approach for Time Series Classification of Cognitive State Mr. Paul Terwilliger, Mr. Jack Sarle, Mr. Shannon Walker and Dr. Angela Harrivel
Forecasting the Impact of Policy Interventions on Societal Behavior Dr. Brian Armstrong, Dr. Charles Day and Dr. Alok Chaturvedi
Cross Reality (XR)
Title Authors
Measuring Engagement in VR Environments: A Pilot Training Case Study Dr. Benjamin Bell, Ms. Elaine Kelsey, Dr. Benjamin Nye, and Dr. Winston "Wink" Bennett
Augmented Reality for Skills Training: Industry Examples and a Combat Medic Use-Case Mr. Thomas Santarelli, Ms. Annika Horgan, Mr. Andrew Rosoff and Mr. Charles Barba
Extended Reality for Enhanced Training and Knowledge Capture Mr. Brandon T. Klein and Dr. Nadine E. Miner
Long Duration AR Exposure and the Potential for Physiological Effects Mr. Matthew Meyers, Ms. Claire Hughes, Dr. Cali Fidopiastis and Dr. Kay Stanney
Science and Engineering
Title Authors
Artificial Intelligence, Microservices, xAPI, Human Performance Assessment, and Adaptive Training: How Five Buzz Words are Used to Solve Real Problems Mr. Evan Oster and Mr. Michael Knapp
Superforecasting: Proven Practices for Leveraging Human Ingenuity Dr. S. K. Numrich
Explorative, Immersive, and Interactive Visualization of Volume Flow Data Dr. Zhanping Liu, Mr. Sean Leonard, Dr. Simon Su, Dr. David Kao, Dr. Yuzhong Shen and Dr. Luis Bravo
CFD Data Differencing: Extraction and Representation for Uncertainty Visualization Dr. Zhanping Liu and Dr. David Kao
Automated Testing of a Cyber Training Environment within an Agile Development Process Mr. Michael Schwartz, Dr. Glenn Martin, Mr. Shehan Sirigampola, Mr. Steven Zielinski and Dr. Bruce Caulkins
The Reference Model for Disease Progression Handles Human Interpretation Dr. Jacob Barhak
Training and Education
Title Authors
Visual Cognition and Simulation Training for Piloting Ms. Nina Rothstein and Dr. Marlon Gieser
Implementation of Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Workplace Setting to Enhance Occupational Success among Young Adults with ADHD Ms. Rachel Su Ann Lim, Dr. Kevin F. Hulme, Dr. Gregory A. Fabiano, Dr. Sandro M. Sodano and Dr. Chanelle Gordon
Hardware and Software Enhancements: Conversational Computer Agents with Initiative CDR Dan Davis, USN (Ret), Mr. Evan Jaksha and Mr. Skander Guizani
Tracking our Trainees: Integrated Learning Enabling Personalization and Prediction Mr. John Williamson, Dr. Andrew Wilson and Ms. Jennifer Lewis
UAV Mission Planning Methods and Preparedness Gaming Platform applied to Informal Undergraduate STEM programs to Track and Improve Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space Systems (MARS) Internships and Job Placement Ms. Sara Moola and Mr. Mike Vaughn
PERLS of Wisdom: Designing a Mobile Application to Support Self-Regulated Learning Dr. Katlin Anglin, Ms. Jacquelyn Schreck, Dr. Eric Sikorski and Mr. Evan Scronce
A Networked-based Approach for Modeling Team Performance and Efficiency Dr. Morton Tavel and Mr. Richard Severinghaus
Making the Case for Simulated Based Training in the Water Utility Sector Ms. Marryam Chaudhry
Using Simulation to Enhance Existing Methods for Medical Device Training Ms. Brittany Gilbert, Ms. Harini Balachandar, Ms. Bingjie Xue, Mr. James Swanick, Mr. Thomas Santarelli, Mr. Neil Tibayan, Mr. Edward Baluyot and Mr. Filipe Fernandes
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