Analytics and Decision Making
Title Authors
A Foundation for a Modeling & Simulation Digital Engineering Ecosystem Ms. Pauline Johnson, Ms. Rachael Orzechowski, and Mr. Roger Booker
A Simulation on the Effect of a Major World War on the Population of the World Ms. Chenyun Zhang and Ms. Julie Zhou
Creating Teaching and Learning Accountabilities Through Data Analytic Feedback Loops Ms. Füsun Şahin and Dr. Dominic Mentor
Data Farming and The Black Swan Dr. Gary Edward Horne
Data Sharing is a Critical Capability Mr. Ryan R. Schultz, LTC Karla P. Keelean, Mr. James F. Jamison, and Mr. Ralph M. O’Connell
Predictive analytics with an advanced Bayesian modeling framework Mr. Jesper Kristensen, Mr. Isaac Asher, Mr. You Ling, Mr. Kevin Ryan, Mr. Arun Subramaniyan, Ms. Liping Wang
Simulating Foot-and-Mouth Disease in the United States using the Animal Disease Spread Model Ms. Melissa Schoenbaum, Mr. Dawit Assefa, Ms. Lindsey Holmstrom, Dr. Amy Delgado, and Dr. Josiah Seaman
Simulating the Impact of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga in Hampton Roads Dr. Saturnina Nisperos, Ms. Sonali Kakde, and Dr. Frederic McKenzie
The Reference Model Predicts Life Expectancy for Diabetics Dr. Jacob Barhak
Training Equipment Life Cycle Awareness for Combat Training Centers Ms. Julie Kent
United States Coast Guard Firehouse Staffing Analysis CDR Chad A. Long
Science and Engineering
Title Authors
Augmenting Model-Based Design with the HEAT Human System Integration Advisor   Dr. Marc Abrams and Mr. Michael O’Neal
Data trace visualizations to decipher carrier traffic patterns Dr. Paul Mario Koola and Dr. Perakath Benjamin
Experimental Validation of a ground robot simulation model during line following task Dr. Yiannis Papelis and Ms. Ntiana Sakioti
Future Look – Effective Cybersecurity Using Modeling & Simulation   Mr. Paul Gustavson and Mr. Steve Reeder
Harmonized Air Missile Space Training Environment Mr. Warren Bizub, Mr. Michael Neeley, and Mr. Ariel Aybar
Modeling the Characteristics of Radical Ideological Growth using an Agent based Model Methodology Mr. Paul Cummings and Mr. Chalinda Weerasinghe
More Than the Sum of Their Parts: Case Study and General Approach for Integrating Learning Applications Dr. Michael Freed, Dr. J.T. Folsom-Kovarik, and Dr. Sae Schatz
Rapid USV Prototyping System (RUPS) Mr. Beau Branch, Ms. Samantha Collins, Mr. Lee Dumaliang, Mr. Nathan Gonda, Mr. Timothy Lane, Ms. Kari Miles, Ms. Melissa Periman, and Mr. Dominic Scerbo
Realism in Modeling and Simulation with Implications for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Immersive Environments Dr. Jeffrey Wallace and Dr. Sara Kambouris
Training and Education
Title Authors
A Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Training System for Rocket Fuel Mixing Operations Dr. Thomas Mastaglio, Mr. Jay Bhatt, and Mr. Nathan Christensen
Analysis of effective speech recognition in A Virtual Operating Room Dr. Mark W. Scerbo, Mr. Levi Warvel, Ms. Samantha Zybak, Ms. Rebecca Kennedy, Ms. Amanda Ashdown, Ms. Kimberly Perry, Dr. Elizabeth Newlin-Canzone, Dr. Yiannis Papelis, Mr. Menion Croll, and Mr. Hector M. Garcia
Authoring adaptive tutors for simulations in psychomotor skills domains Ms. Debbie Brown, Dr. Benjamin Bell, and Dr. Benjamin Goldberg
Cart Before the Horse: Leveraging Web-Based Global M&S Terrain Repositories for Scenario Development Mr. Samuel Chambers, Mr. Jay Freeman, and Dr. Elaine Blount
Effectiveness of Augmented Reality & Augmented Virtuality Mr. J D Fletcher, Mr. James Belanich, Mr. Frank Moses, Ms. Ashley Fehr, and Mr. Jason Moss
Evaluating Game-Based Environments for Army Aviation Collective Training Dr. Lauren Reinerman-Jones, Mr. Martin S. Goodwin, Dr. Brian F. Goldiez, Mr. Andrew J. Wismer, and MAJ Robert A. Crapanzano
Experiential Correlation of Vehicle Dynamics Simulation to Self-reported Driving, Learning, and Gaming styles Dr. Kevin F. Hulme, Dr. Edward M. Kasprzak, and Ms. Karen L. Morris
Improving the Utility of Open-Source Event Data for the Design of Training Exercises Mr. Doug Murphy, Mr. David Boyd, Dr. Bill Mandrick, and Mr. Duane “Dewey” Dannewitz
Joint Staff J7 Joint Training Tools for Campaign Planning Ms. Amy Grom, Dr. Elaine Blount, Mr. Rick Rheinsmith, and Mr. Jim Janele
Just a Shiny Object Major Nicholas Armendariz, Captain Tristan Murray, and Second Lieutenant Hugo Jury
Large Scale Testing and Evaluation of Virtual Environments for Infantry Soldier Tasks Comparing Mental Effort for Live Versus Virtual Training Performance Assessments Dr. Douglas B. Maxwell and Mr. Jimmy Zheng
Evaluating Game-Based Environments for Army Aviation Collective Training Mr. Christian Greuel, Dr. Grit Denker, and Dr. Karen Myers
"System of Systems” Approach for the Development of Next Generation Modular Simulation-Based Training Systems Mr. John Burwell and Mr. Cory Kumm
Using Combat Adjudication to Aid in Training for Campaign Planning Ms. Amy Grom, Dr. Elaine Blount, and Mr. Michael Robel
Using LiDAR Technology Combined with Position-Tracking Software and the Medical Training Evaluation System (MTES) in an Integrated After Action Review System for Mobile Medical Lane Training Ms. Erin Honold, Ms. Catherine Strayhorn, Ms. Nadine Baez, and Mr. Matthew Hackett
Utilizing Force Management Service (FMS) to Support Realistic Training Ms. Megan Babb, Ms. Stacey Baxter, and Dr. Elaine Blount
Validation of the Course for Operationally Relevant Patient Safety Dr. Andrea Parodi, Dr. Ross Gore, Mr. Tom Frost, and Mr. Hector Garcia
Visualization and Gamification
Title Authors
Analysis of Team Tutoring Training Data Ms. Anastacia MacAllister, Mr. Adam Kohl, Dr. Stephen Gilbert, Dr. Eliot Winer, Dr. Michael Dorneich, Mr. Desmond Bonner, and Ms. Anna Slavina
Cultivating Digital TLC - Teaching and Learning Communities Dr. Dominic Mentor
Leveraging HTML5 and WebGL to Address Information Assurance Barriers for Simulation Based Training in the U.S. Military Dr. Douglas Maxwell and Mr. Michael Heilmann
Modeling the Economic Impact of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in the United States Using the Paarlberg Quarterly Economic Model Mr. Dawit Assefa, Dr. Ann Hillberg Seitzinger, and Ms. Melissa Schoenbaum
Navigating Augmented and Virtual Reality Hardware Choices Mr. Gardner Congdon and Mr. John Williamson
Rolling the Dice: Using Low-Cost Tabletop Simulation to Develop and Evaluate High-Value CONOPS in Uncertain Tactical Environment Mr. Mike Erwin, Mr. Steve Dorton, Mr. Scott Tupper
Understanding Future Conflict Escalation Dynamics with Analytic Gaming Mr. Matthew Lytwyn


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